Watch New Teaser for Animated Watchmen Chapters 1 and 2

Watch New Teaser for Animated Watchmen Chapters 1 and 2

It was 2009 when Zack Snyder’s Watchmen was released, and we got the sequel series from Damon Lindelof ten years later with HBO’s Watchmen in 2019. Now WB is looking to milk the Watchmen cow again with an animated adaptation of the Alan Moore’s seminal graphic novel.

Here’s a look at Watchmen Chapters 1 and 2:

Who watches the Watchmen? Catch Watchmen Chapters I & II, a faithful animated adaptation of the iconic graphic novel! The Clock is Ticking…

Note that the key word here is ‘faithful.’ Though Snyder did attempt to recreate as much of the original comic frame by frame, he did manage to change a few things. Besides the more violent tone that the movie had, the ending was also changed so that instead of the ‘goofy’ doomsday device that was an artificial alien squid, Snyder instead had Ozymandias killing millions of people by duplicating Doctor Manhattan’s powers and blaming everything on him.

Admittedly, the alien squid would have seemed pretty goofy back in 2009, but Watchmen 2019 was able to pull it off with the moment feeling every bit as terrifying in the comic.

As for the animated Watchmen, I’m honestly not a fan of the What If…? aesthetic, but so far fans have been pretty positive about seeing a new take on the classic book. Hopefully this time the animation will address some of the things from the film that people have issues with.

Watch out for the animated Watchmen which is set to come out later this year.


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