An Inside Look at the 2nd Episode of The Last of Us ‘Infected’

An Inside Look at the 2nd Episode of The Last of Us ‘Infected’

The latest episode of The Last of Us had some pretty pivotal moments from our first exposure to the Clickers to Tess’ death, and HBO has dropped a new behind-the-scenes look at the series with director Craig Mazin.

Check this out:

Besides getting the Clickers right, the show had also shown us the biggest difference between the game and the series, which is the cordyceps spread through tendrils rather than spores. We can see that bothering the tendrils will actually summon a horde of infected to your location, and when they’re not chasing anyone, the infected kind of just hang in one place and … wiggle a bit until something comes along.

I’ll admit, it’s actually a very clever mechanic, and it does seem more horrifying. In the game, Tess actually had to fight off the military, but her sacrifice in the series is still pretty clear, plus we get some more lore on the cordyceps.

For now, the series is gearing up for the debut of Nick Offerman as Bill, who, in the game, had rigged an entire town to keep himself safe. Though Bill’s story was only hinted at in the game, the series promises to really delve into his character, including his romance with Frank. We may even be looking at a flashback between Bill and Joel. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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