Alan Tudyk Talks Star Wars, Firefly, and His Series Con Man

Chances are, you know Alan Tudyk as the wisecracking pilot from Firefly and Serenity. Chances are much higher you know his voice from one of his many roles in over thirty TV and video game performances. From Big Hero 6 to Zootopia, whether it’s Halo 3 or Injustice 2, the Juilliard-trained actor has made a career from his incredible range of vocal talent.

In a Reddit AMA, Tudyk answered fan questions about his much-beloved role as Wash in Firefly, his recent part in Rogue One as fussbot K-2SO, and his darling pet project, the Webseries Con Man.

Con Man might be the best series you aren’t watching. Based loosely on Tudyk’s own career, struggling actor Wray Nerely (Tudyk) tours the convention circuit where he a much-beloved icon from his now cancelled show Spectrum. After his role as the Spectrum’s pilot ended, Nerely struggles to break out of the science fiction pigeonhole he’s found himself in. Meanwhile, his good friend Jack Moore (Nathan Fillion), who played Spectrum’s captain, has gone on to achieve A-list success as an action film star.

Sound familiar? It’s supposed to. Tudyk pokes fun at his success and the bizarre interactions he’s had with industry crew in Con Man. Though Tudyk is incredibly proud of his roles in Firefly and other fan favorites, he also teases with self-deprecating humor about being cut from another role in Rogue One.

alan tudyk, K2so, rogue one, star wars
Rogue One used motion-capture for Tudyk’s performance as K-2SO.

And K-2SO’s gun? That was his idea.

When asked what his dream project would be, Tudyk says “Serenity 0.5,” referencing a much-hoped-for Firefly prequel.

alan tudyk, wash, firefly
Alan Tudyk as pilot Wash in Firefly.

On Firefly, Tudyk went on to say, “I hope for a prequel but animated. That is doable and can be good.” The actor has no shortage of experience there. He’s currently wrapping Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2, Big Hero 6: The Series, and has just wrapped The Tick, now airing on Amazon. 

But near and dear to Tudyk’s heart is the hard work he’s put into his webseries Con Man. Crowd-funded through Indiegogo, Con Man broke records when it raised over $1 million in its first 24 hours. The series earned over $3 million during its crowd-funding campaign, and is now enjoying a marathon-style release on SyFy September 9. Want more of Con Man? Tudyk says that could depend on the success of viewership. “Season three I think depends on the response of seasons one and two. If a ton of people tune in and also watch on the SyFy website it should be a green light.”

Season 1 of Con Man airs on SyFy September 9. Season 2 will air sometime before New York Comic Con in October.

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