The Mandalorian: Ahmed Best Teases the Future of His Jedi Master

The Mandalorian: Ahmed Best Teases the Future of His Jedi Master

Ahmed Best may be the man behind Jar Jar Binks, but The Mandalorian has given him a new role in the canon as Jedi Master Beq, the man who saves Grogu from the Jedi Purge.

We saw Beq flying off with Grogu in the last episode, but Best teases that there could be more in store for his character. Talking to, Best teases:

“I know this might not be cool to say, but I want everyone who watches Star Wars to look at Kelleran Beq and go, ‘I believe that guy. I want to follow that guy. Where does he go? What happens next?’… I think all the best stories are stories that leave you wondering what happens next.”

We don’t really know what happens to Beq yet, but we do know that Grogu ends up hidden somewhere; and that’s how he ends up in Mando’s care. We don’t know for how long Best is going to be in this season of The Mandalorian, but his character does have a lot of room to grow; besides, it would be interesting to find out another Jedi’s story besides Ahsoka who’s been teased to no end since she appeared in Mando Season 2.

While a lot of people like to say Best has been ‘redeemed’ with the Beq character, I honestly thought nothing was wrong with Jar Jar. The kids loved him, and considering him ‘terrible’ is kind of giving in to the worst side of the fandom that helped push Best into contemplating suicide after The Phantom Menace.

What I’m saying is, I hope we get a Jar Jar return as well, because I absolutely love that silly Gungan.

For now, catch new episodes of The Mandalorian streaming on Disney+ every Wednesday.


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