4 Classic Fall Movies to Get You in the Mood

4 Classic Fall Movies to Get You in the Mood

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Summer has been great. The sun, the warmth, and the barbecues have been an amazing escape from the usual cold, harsh weather. However, the sweltering season has taken its toll. Some would say the heat has overstayed its welcome.  Most everyone is ready for the leaves to change color.

Thankfully, fall is right around the corner. The perfect way to get into the cozy autumn mood is to bundle up and enjoy your favorite fall-themed movies.

Ready for a movie marathon? Below are a few movies that should be on your autumn watch list:

When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally is one of the most iconic romantic comedies that came out of the 90s. With Meg Ryan at top bill, it really isn’t surprising how it made it big in the box-office.

While the movie spans a couple of years in Harry Burns and Sally Albright’s life, there is something quintessentially autumn about this movie. The walks Harry and Sally took around Central Park as the leaves are changing is so vivid you can almost smell and hear the leaves crackling. It doesn’t hurt that Sally Albright’s outfits were as preppy as can be!

Practical Magic

For kids and kids at heart, fall only means one thing – Halloween! Soon as September starts, Halloween costumes and decor just fly off the shelves.

The 1998 feature, Practical Magic, wasn’t necessarily a critical darling when it came out twenty years ago. However, the movie has grown to be a cult favorite especially for people who love Halloween. It has everything. From romance to hexes, from candles to witches, the film just screams cozy, magical fall!

You’ve Got Mail

Meg Ryan was truly the darling of the 90s. With that said any movie list about fall would not be complete without the mention of You’ve Got Mail.

Set in New York, the movie follows Kathleen Kelly as she defends the independent bookstore she runs from a slew of chain bookstores that are about to open in her neighborhood. While trying to find The Man, Kathleen aka Shopgirl takes solace by exchanging emails with NY152. Little does she know that NY152 is Joe Fox – the owner of the chain bookstore she is fighting against.


The change in season also marks the beginning of the school year. This is exactly why Wes Anderson’s Rushmore just screams fall, fall, fall.

Aside from the truly Wes Anderson-ian color palette, the movie follows Max Fischer as he starts the new school year at Rushmore Academy. He falls in love, makes friends with middle aged man, gets rejected, and kicked out of the school against the beautiful backdrop of changing leaves and cable-knit sweaters.

Fall is all about bundling up and enjoying the cozy weather with your loved ones.  The movies are perfect to get you in the spirit of the season. So what are you waiting for? With popcorn in tow and under your favorite blankets, a movie marathon is in order.


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