Zack Snyder Wishes James Gunn the Best

Zack Snyder Wishes James Gunn the Best

Back in 2016, Zack Snyder was considered the chief architect of the up-and-coming DCEU, but after some behind-the-scenes mess and box office numbers, he was eventually booted out. Now James Gunn and Peter Safran are set to make the new roadmap for DC; and though Snyder fans believe there is beef among the two, Snyder says he’s actually reached out to Gunn to wish his DC universe well.

“I called [Gunn] and said I wish all the best for him,” Snyder told The Hollywood Reporter, “I told him I wanted it to work.”

During Gunn’s first days since he was announced as the new DC head, a lot of fans online thought that there was kind of some personal beef between him and Snyder, considering how Gunn was so adamant in rebooting almost everything in DC that came from Snyder’s version except for the parts that he’d already introduced (like John Cena’s Peacemaker). Most disappointing of all was Gunn confirming that Henry Cavill won’t be returning as Superman after a triumphant return in Black Adam which was celebrated by fans.

Going back to Snyder though, he may not have been able to make his Justice League films the way he wanted, but he does have one more DC project in mind should he be asked to return. Should he be called back, he would want to make a “true representation of the graphic novel” The Dark Knight Returns from Frank Miller. He wasn’t specific about anything from TDKR, but we do know that there were some elements from the novel that went directly into Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, from the whole feel of Ben Affleck’s Batman to his all-out brawl with Superman.

Snyder adds that if Marvel were to make the call, he would be interested in taking on Frank Miller’s Elektra Lives Again with Daredevil and Elektra.

For now, Snyder is gearing up for the release of the first part of Rebel Moon on Netflix. Watch out for Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire when it premieres on Dec. 22.


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