Jeremy Allen White ‘Played it All Wrong’ During Interview for ‘Marvel-y’ Film

Jeremy Allen White ‘Played it All Wrong’ During Interview for ‘Marvel-y’ Film

Marvel Studios has managed to nab some top-tier talent over the years, with veteran actors like Anthony Hopkins to hot talent like Hailee Steinfeld and Florence Pugh. What’s funny is, they almost cast who some argue is one of the most celebrated young actors now, but he managed to play it all wrong during his meeting.

Talking to GQ, The Bear star Jeremy Allen White revealed that he went to an interview for a ‘kind of Marvel-y movie’ but he apparently came with an attitude that managed to put off the executives. He says he told the execs, “’Tell me about why should I do your movie,’… They didn’t respond well to that. They were like, ‘[fuck] you.’ And I was like, ‘Right on.’”

We don’t know exactly what White auditioned or met for, but if I were to guess, I could imagine that he was almost part of the Eternals. Then again, with his explosive Carmy in The Bear, it’s possible they looked at him for the Human Torch in Fantastic Four.

With White getting well-known for his dramatic work, though, he does lament a little about how superhero genre films have become the ‘pinnacle’ of some actors’ careers. He says, “I am confused at how the pinnacle of an actor’s career has ended up in that place. They get really good filmmakers to do those movies and obviously they get really good actors to do those movies. I played it the way I wanted to play it.”

Though they made it for 10 years, Marvel’s shortcomings have been getting more apparent, and it’s showing with the poor reception of more recent projects. Hopefully they manage to bring the hype back, but for now, we’ll just have to wait and see how The Marvels goes. In the meantime, you can catch Jeremy Allen White as Carmy in The Bear on FX.


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