Watch Launch Trailer for The Last of Us Part I

Watch Launch Trailer for The Last of Us Part I

We may not have gotten confirmation for The Last of Us Part III yet, but Naughty Dog is set to deliver a full remake of The Last of Us Part I next month, with the aim to match the visuals with Part II.

The game is set to launch September 2nd for the PS5, and we have a new trailer showcasing all the updated graphics and cutscenes. Check this out:

Re-experience the game that set a new bar for single-player narrative storytelling with The Last of Us™ and explore a ravaged and hardened world, where every action has a brutal consequence for Joel and Ellie.

Winner of over 200 Game of The Year Awards, completely rebuilt for the PlayStation®5 console.

While standard remakes usually just up the graphics and tweak some controls here and there, The Last of Us Part I really elevates the standards when it comes to remaking a game that came out almost a decade ago. Though the game may be old, you have to admit, the storytelling and its integration of gameplay was on a completely different level that even beats out games that have come out today.

That being said, a lot of fans have been complaining about the hefty price tag, but with all the work put into this remake, a lot of fans think that the price seems fair. I guess we’ll have to wait until launch to see just what the general audience thinks.

The Last of Us Part I launches for the PS5 on Sept. 2. No release date has been set for the PC version, but it is confirmed to be in development.


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