Watch First Teaser for Goosebumps Reboot Series

Watch First Teaser for Goosebumps Reboot Series

Sony had attempted to launch a Goosebumps franchise back in 2015 with Jack Black, but after a failed sequel in 2018 (which was sorely lacking Black), the IP looked to be dead in the water. Now Disney+ and Hulu are teaming up for a Goosebumps reboot series, and we have our first teaser.

Check this out:

Here’s the official description for the series:

Inspired by R.L. Stine’s worldwide bestselling book series, “Goosebumps” follows a group of five high schoolers as they embark on a shadowy and twisted journey to investigate the tragic passing three decades earlier of a teen named Harold Biddle – while also unearthing dark secrets from their parents’ past.

Though the Goosebumps movies had embraced the more kid-friendly aspects of the books, it does seem that the new series is going to age things up a bit, what with all these very creepy visuals.

With the original book series being an anthology of stories, it does make sense that an adaptation would be more of a series format, as compared to the films which kind of just leaned in on the premise of the Goosebumps monsters just being unleashed into the real world.

We don’t know exactly what tone the show is going for with this reboot, but with so many adult-oriented horror shows, it would be great if they somehow still made this IP kid-friendly. I mean, what other horror franchise is aimed for kids besides Stranger Things?

Goosebumps premieres on Disney+ and Hulu on Oct. 13.


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