Venom 3 Get an Official Title; Release Date Moved Earlier

Venom 3 Get an Official Title; Release Date Moved Earlier

The Venom franchise has been the perfect example of critical bombs that make a lot of money, and Sony is gearing up for a third movie with Tom Hardy coming back as Eddie Brock.

The third movie is expected to come out later this year, and we now have an official title for Venom 3. Sony (via ComicBookMovie) has officially announced that the title of the upcoming film will be Venom: The Last Dance and the film’s release date has been pushed earlier from November to October 25, 2024.

So far, we don’t know what kind of story The Last Dance will be about, but it does feel like the movie is going all-in on the relationship between Eddie and the symbiote. After all, the films do feel like they’re pseudo-love stories between the two beings that make up ‘Venom’. With each entry introducing more and more symbiotes, it’s likely we could see a whole army of them by the time the third film rolls in.

At this point, it’s not likely this Venom is going to be clashing with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker anytime soon. We thought they were building up to it when they brought Eddie over to the MCU, but he was just zapped back into his own reality by the end of No Way Home. At least we see some of the symbiote is left over in the timeline, so there is still a chance we can get a story closer to the original comic origin where it latches on to Peter first before finding Eddie Brock.

Watch out for Venom: The Last Dance when it comes to cinemas on Oct. 25.


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