New Trailer for Netflix’s One Piece Shows Off Villains and Their Powers

New Trailer for Netflix’s One Piece Shows Off Villains and Their Powers

TUDUM 2023 had given us our first look at Netflix’s One Piece adaptation, and with the series set to premiere next month, we have a whole new trailer showing off more of the Straw Hat Crew’s abilities as well as the opponents they’ll be meeting along the way.

Watch this:

We’ve known for a while that the series is going to follow Luffy recruit the first members of his crew (besides Chopper), but it also seems like the timeline will be pushing forward with the introduction of several characters early in the story including Arlong and Dracule Mihawk.

With the One Piece series running for as long as it has, nobody was really expecting the live-action version to follow the source material one hundred percent, but it is interesting to know that several characters will be introduced earlier. With so many audience members being intimidated of jumping into the series, maybe the live-action show could be a great jumping off point to get acquainted with the world of the anime and the fight between the Pirates and the Navy.

One of the biggest concerns for the series was the VFX matching the action, and based on the trailer, the action actually looks pretty impressive. Of course, this is just based on the previews, so we’ll have to wait on what the actual show will look like. Even the live-action Cowboy Bebop looked pretty great before it actually premiered.

For now, fans wait for the premiere of One Piece on Netflix this coming Aug. 31.



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