Tim Burton to Remake Attack of the 50-Foot Woman with Gone Girl Author

Tim Burton to Remake Attack of the 50-Foot Woman with Gone Girl Author

Attack of the 50-Foot Woman was a cult B-movie classic which came out back in 1958, and though a lot may not have seen the film, the poster for the movie remains to be one of the most iconic images from the era.

The film did get a remake back in the 90s with Daryl Hannah, but now it looks like another modern auteur is going to have a stab at a story about a modern giantess who wants revenge on her cheating husband.

Variety reports that Tim Burton (Beetlejuice, Wednesday) is teaming up with Gone Girl writer Gillian Flynn for a remake of the classic Attack of the 50-Foot Woman. The movie will be produced by Warner Bros, the studio Burton is currently working with on his upcoming Beetlejuice sequel.

Though a giant woman stomping around feels very on-brand for a director like Burton, it’s curious how Gillian Flynn is going to be tackling the material. After all, she’s best known for her protagonist planning elaborate revenge on her husband.

I guess with 50-Foot Woman being its own kind of revenge story, we can expect Flynn to tackle the themes in a more modern way, and it will be up to Burton to deliver the dazzling visuals. I just don’t think it should be anything like the recent Kaiju movies that WB has also been pumping out.

No release date has been set for Attack of the 50-Foot Woman, but hopefully we get an update sometime later in the year.


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