Things Get Mischievous in Loki 2 Trailer

Things Get Mischievous in Loki 2 Trailer

It’s been more than a year since Loki premiered on Disney+, and now the God of Mischief (or at least a variant of him) is coming back with Mobius and the TVA for some more multiversal policing. The second season of Loki is set to return to Disney+ this October, and we have our first full trailer for the show.

Watch this:

We don’t have a full breakdown of the second season yet, but it does look like the TVA and specifically Loki will be put our of balance after the murder of He Who Remains in the first season finale.

While Jonathan Majors may have had some tough PR the past couple of months, it does look like Marvel is going to be sticking to his version of Kang the Conqueror, and we should expect him to have a larger presence when it comes to the second season of this show.

Besides Loki and Mobius, it does seem that the rest of the TVA figures we met in the first season are also going to be scattered along the timelines in the second season; and Loki will be on the hunt for his variant Sylvie who is responsible for taking out the Kang variant that had established the ‘one true timeline’. I have a feeling she’s also going to be experience the ‘time slipping’ that Loki is undergoing.

After a mediocre season of Secret Invasion, the pressure is on for Marvel to present something that fans will actually like this time around. Hopefully Loki 2 will manage to please.

Watch out for Loki Season 2 when it premieres on Disney+ on Oct. 6.


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