The Last of Us Part III Allegedly in Development

The Last of Us Part III Allegedly in Development

With the release of The Last of Us Part II in 2020, a lot of fans are wondering what’s next for Naughty Dog. Sure they released the remastered The Last of Us Part I last month, but what’s next?

Well, rumor is going around that the studio is currently working on The Last of Us Part III. This comes from insider @ViewerAnon:

Since this is Elon Musk’s Twitter, we should take that news with a grain of salt, but with the Uncharted franchise finished, and Crash Bandicoot having been handed over to another studio, The Last of Us Part III does seem like the next step for ND.

We don’t know what the story could be about this time, but it’s very likely we’ll see the continuation of Ellie’s arc. With Joel gone and Ellie having the whole game to process his death, I’m suspecting the third game could finally deal with the humans finding a cure for the mushroom zombies.

Admittedly, there were was a lot of backlash with Part II, with some fans crying that the game had killed of Joel to ‘subvert expectations,’ but so far, it seems that the toxic voices have gone down. Thank god this isn’t a Star Wars game because we probably would never hear the end of it.

I’m just hoping that Naughty Dog leans in on their artistic instincts, rather than suddenly pander to what the audience wants—just like what happened with Star Wars.

The Last of Us Part III hasn’t been officially announced, but hopefully we can get something after the series premieres on Jan. 15, 2023.


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