The Buried Giant: Guillermo del Toro Announces Next Project with Netflix

The Buried Giant: Guillermo del Toro Announces Next Project with Netflix

Director Guillermo del Toro had found huge success with his first animated movie Pinocchio on Netflix, and now he’s teaming up with the streaming service for his next stop-motion project.

As per Deadline, del Toro’s next movie will be The Buried Giant which is based on the fantasy novel by Novel Prize-winning author Kazuo Ishiguro. The story is described:

The novel follows an elderly Briton couple, Axl and Beatrice, living in a fictional post-Arthurian England in which no one is able to retain long-term memories.’

We don’t have a clue what the film could look like yet, but it’s said that the production’s homebase will be the stop-motion studio ShadowMachine, where del Toro worked on his Pinocchio movie.

Del Toro said about landing the project:

The Buried Giant continues my animation partnership with Netflix and our pursuit of stop-motion as a medium to tell complex stories and build limitless worlds. It is a great honor and greater responsibility for me to direct this screenplay which Dennis Kelly and I are adapting from Kazuo Ishiguro’s profound and imaginative novel.”

While we don’t have any concept art for the movie yet, we can assume that the film will keep to del Toro’s warm and grimy aesthetic that he pretty much has for all his films like Shape of Water and Nightmare Alley. I’ll admit, Pinocchio had some moments where the animation gets kind of iffy, but hopefully del Toro will be given a bigger budget for Giant, especially with all the success that Pinocchio managed to bring in.

No release date has been announced for The Buried Giant, but you can check out Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio now streaming on Netflix.


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