The Boys: Vought Releases ‘Earnings Recap’ with New CEO Ashley Barrett

The Boys: Vought Releases ‘Earnings Recap’ with New CEO Ashley Barrett

The last season of The Boys had Stan Edgar (Giancarol Esposito) stepping down from his seat of power at Vought, and true to its Disney-mocking nature, Vought International has released an ‘Earnings Recap’ with the new established CEO, Ashley Barrett.

Watch this:

Transparency has always been our core value at Vought. That’s why ahead of our Q1 earnings call, we’ve prepped this summary for all shareholders to enjoy. Here’s CEO Ashley Barrett, who has the board’s full confidence and was just given a new seven-month contract!

We don’t really have any major plot points revealed, but I guess it does confirm a lot of things that the last season ended with, including the supposed death of Maeve, the trashing of Starlight, and the continuing support for Homelander.

I guess it’s a plot point that we know that Ashley has risen up the ranks, but unlike Stan Edgar who is unfazed with Homelander’s antics, we know that Ashley is terrified of him, and having her in a seat of power means that Homelander is just getting a more powerful grip over Vought—which he honestly has no idea how to run.

So far, things are getting more chaotic as the Vought circle grows, and with Ryan officially embracing Homelander as his father, we could have the potential to see another uncontrollable, needy super sociopath. Let’s hope Butcher and the Boys will be up to the challenge.

No release date has been announced for the next season of The Boys, but fans are hoping for a return sometime later this year on Amazon Prime Video.


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