Star Wars: Daisy Ridley to Receive Massive Payday for Return as Rey Skywalker

Star Wars: Daisy Ridley to Receive Massive Payday for Return as Rey Skywalker

Whether you like the Sequel Trilogy of Star Wars or not, you can’t deny that Daisy Ridley was the definite star of that franchise, and everyone has kind of just been waiting for her to come back as Rey Skywalker.

We know that Lucasfilm is gearing up for her return down the line, but as we wait for details on the upcoming film, The Insider has revealed that Ridley will be receiving a massive payday for returning as the new face of the Jedi. In fact, she’s said to be earning $12.5 million to come back.

To compare, Ridley was said to have been paid $100,000-$300,000 for The Force Awakens, and she was said to have earned $17 million for the entire trilogy alone.

Admittedly, Ridley’s career has kind of ran into a slump ever since the release of The Rise of Skywalker, and the actress has gone on record to say that she has been finding a hard time looking for work—which also kind of mirrors Mark Hamill who never found success on the big screen anymore on the same vein as Star Wars.

That being said, I am still rooting for Ridley. Besides having the trilogy placed on her shoulders, Lucasfilm essentially cursed her to forever be an online beacon for toxic fandom and “anti-wokeness”. I’m just hoping that the studio has learned their lessons from TROS and the more recent Star Wars properties and not rely so much on the action figures and fanservice. Just deliver a solid character arc and themes that can stand on its own.

If a series like Andor can still happen, then I have hope for Rey’s Jedi order movie. No release date has been set for Daisy Ridley’s next Star Wars movie, but you can watch out for Ridley in Sometimes I Think About Dying coming out Jan. 26, 2024.


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