Star Wars Celebration is Coming to Japan in 2025

Star Wars Celebration is Coming to Japan in 2025

Star Wars Celebration had just taken place in London last weekend, but Lucasfilm already has their eyes set on the next big Star Wars gathering

As per the official announcement, Celebration will be taking place in Japan on April 18–20, 2025. Here’s the post:

While Celebration did take a hiatus after 2019 (like all events), we did get two events back-to-back with Celebration in Anaheim last year, and this year in London. It’s unclear why Lucasfilm decided to bow out of a Celebration in 2024, but I think that they’re gearing up for 2025 since that would be Star Wars big return to cinemas following The Rise of Skywalker which came out in 2019.

Of course, we should still expect 2024 to come with Star Wars content like the Disney+ shows, but I guess Disney and Lucasfilm just really want to save the Celebration events when they’re trying to promote big things; and ever since Force Awakens, Star Wars has always been hyped up whenever a theatrical release is incoming; not just with advertising, but with tie-in toys and products—not even Avatar: The Way of Water can match to a Star Wars marketing plan.

With Celebration usually taking place in the US or Europe, it’s actually interesting that the event would come back to Japan. The last time Celebration was in Japan was in 2008, marking the first event in Asia. I’m expecting a look at some incoming movies, but I would definitely love some new merch based in the Sequel era.

The next big Star Wars event, Celebration, will take place in Japan on April 18-20, 2025.


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