Justin Roiland’s ‘Created by’ Credit Removed from New Opening of Rick and Morty 7

Justin Roiland’s ‘Created by’ Credit Removed from New Opening of Rick and Morty 7

A lot of Rick and Morty fans have been nervous about the return of the show ever since co-creator Justin Roiland was kicked out, but the series moving forward and it’s set to come back this October.

Just in, Adult Swim has dropped the new opening sequence for the show, and not only have they removed Roiland’s name from the credits—but also his co-creator Dan Harmon. Watch this:

No doubt, Harmon is still working on the series, but it would be weird seeing his name along with the ‘created by’ credit when a lot of fans know that Justin Roiland helped create the series.

Everyone is still waiting to see what the show is going to do about Roiland’s replacement. Though some think they’ll just find a person who can do a good Rick and Morty impression, Roiland’s other show Solar Opposites had decided to recast the part of Korvo with Dan Stevens—who sounded nothing like Roiland, and even had a British accent.

If anything, Roiland does only have a handful of voices that he can do; but that’s why his voice has somewhat become iconic when it comes to modern animation. You can immediately tell it’s Roiland whenever your hear his signature shrieky voice and stuttering—whether he’s playing Lemongrab in Adventure Time or Blendin Blandin in Gravity Falls.

Hopefully we can get a voice reveal before the premiere, but I have a feeling the series is going lean in on the meta humor and have the whole episode about why Rick and Morty will have different voices.

Rick and Morty Season 7 premieres on Adult Swim and Max on Oct. 15.


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