Rebecca Ferguson Fans On a Trail to Find Which High-Profile Actor Screamed at Her

Rebecca Ferguson Fans On a Trail to Find Which High-Profile Actor Screamed at Her

Rebecca Ferguson is now undergoing the press tour for Dune: Part Two, but the mother of the Kwisatz Haderach has found herself going viral thanks to an interview with Reign with Josh Smith.

In the interview, Ferguson admits that she was once shouted at by a high-profile actor during one of her jobs, and she has since refused to work with them in her career. Here’s what she said:

Because this person was number one on the call sheet, there was no safety net for me, so no one had my back. And I remember the next day I walked on, and I said, ‘you get off my set.’ It’s the first time I’ve ever spoken, and I remember being so scared and I looked at this person and I said, ‘you can f off. I’m going to work with a tennis ball and never wanna see you again.’

The producers apparently came to Ferguson with a compromise, and she ended up doing her scenes with them talking to the back of their head.

Immediately, everyone ended up scrambling, wondering who was the person who got angry at Ferguson. Rebecca Ferguson did confirm that it was neither Tom Cruise nor Hugh Jackman; so names of her former co-stars started coming up including Dwayne Johnson, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Michael Fassbender.

A lot of fans had their money on Johnson being the one who screamed at Ferguson, but he then released a statement and Ferguson then started following him on social media:

One of the top contenders—with some evidence—is actor Hugh Grant. Grant has been public about his co-stars getting angry at him, and in his scene in Florence Foster Jenkins, he has his back turned to Ferguson’s character.

Granted, Rebecca Ferguson could also be talking about a woman (notice how she doesn’t reveal the person’s gender throughout the whole story), but nobody thinks that Meryl Streep would talk like that to someone.

We don’t know who the person could be, but the internet is definitely on the trail to find them.

In the meantime, you can catch Ferguson in Dune: Part Two which comes to theaters March 1.


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