Daniel Radcliffe Thinks it Would be ‘Weird’ to Cast Him in the Harry Potter Reboot

Daniel Radcliffe Thinks it Would be ‘Weird’ to Cast Him in the Harry Potter Reboot

Like it or not, Harry Potter is getting a reboot, and we’re expected to watch a new trio of actors play Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Since Daniel Radcliffe is still pretty much a public figure, fans are wondering if there’s room for him to show up in the Potter reboot, and he thinks that it would be too weird for him to show up.

Talking to Access Hollywood (via Entertainment Weekly), Radcliffe explains, “I think it’s very much like they’re going for a new series… There would be somebody else playing Harry. So I think it would be very weird for me to show up.”

So far, the only thing we know about the series is that they are going to be more inclusive when it comes to casting, and that they are going to be more faithful to the books compared to the films, which had to cut some fat from some pretty lengthy novels.

Despite Radcliffe’s reluctance to appear on the show, he does sound very positive about being able to pass the torch to a new generation of kids. He continues, “I’m very excited to see what other people do with it. The comparison I’ve made is to a story like Sherlock Holmes. I think the Potter series of books was always gonna be bigger than one interpretation or one franchise, so it’ll be cool to see the torch get passed on.”

Personally, I prefer just expanding the lore to go to different places, but HBO is very welcome to try a reboot. I just feel sorry for the kids that have to commit to the job for more than 7 years. Will they have to redo the Harry Potter theme parks to match the reboots as well?

The Harry Potter series reboot is yet to have a release date.


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