Pedro Pascal Teases His Saturday Night Live Appearance with a Clicker

Pedro Pascal Teases His Saturday Night Live Appearance with a Clicker

The year has definitely started strong for Pedro Pascal fans. After the success of The Last of Us, we’re gearing up for more Pascal in the third season of The Mandalorian next month. Before that though, Pascal is set to make an appearance on Saturday Night Live, and he stars in a teaser with a guest from his hit series—and it ain’t Baby Yoda.

Check it:

This isn’t also part of the teaser, but there is also a clip of Pascal twerking with the Clicker behind the scenes making the rounds online:

I have to say, for an SNL bit, that clicker actually looks pretty great. No doubt, they’ll probably keep him on for another bit, because it would be such a waste of makeup if they didn’t make at least one skit poking fun at The Last of Us.

It’s also worth mentioning that Pascal is the lead star of The Mandalorian. Since Pascal only shows up as himself for like one or two episodes of that series, I would love it if SNL made fun of the fact that he never really has to appear as himself for most of the show. I guess that’s how he was able to book so many things over the past few years.

Let’s also not forget he was also in Game of Thrones. Oberyn Martell was in just one season, but Pascal had such great charm he’s still one of the more memorable characters on that series after all these years.

Catch Pascal on Saturday Night Live this weekend.


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