Stranger Things Star Noah Schnapp Gets Slammed for Pro-Israel Posts

Stranger Things Star Noah Schnapp Gets Slammed for Pro-Israel Posts

The SAG-AFTRA Strike is done, meaning the cast of Stranger Things can finally get to work, but it looks like one of its stars has caught the ire of the internet.

Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers in the show, has been spotted in a video with his friends handing out stickers that say “Hamas is Isis” and “Zionism is Sexy”. Here’s the clip going around:

Even before that, Schnapp has been vocal about his support for Israel online, and has been getting bashed over the past few weeks. It’s possible that this video is only getting attention right now because of them seemingly trivializing the conflict with ‘catchy slogans’.

Already people online are talking about skipping out on the final season of Stranger Things and recasting the part of Will Byers. Here are some posts:

So far we haven’t been getting any response from Netflix or anyone else from the Stranger Things team, but if I were to guess, I do think that there could Schnapp’s role in the show is safe. The issue between Palestine and Israel is polarizing enough, and firing Schnapp would mean that Netflix would be taking a side on the issue. Besides, at 19-years-old, Schnapp is probably young enough to be considered a victim of misinformation.

It’s likely they’ll just get him in a room with a PR handler who’ll watch over his social media until the series releases.

No release date has been set for the final season of Stranger Things.


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