Star Wars: Glup Shittos Return in New Trailer for Tales of the Empire

Star Wars: Glup Shittos Return in New Trailer for Tales of the Empire

Disney+ had delivered us an anthology series with Tales of the Jedi, but now they’re ready to flip the script with Tales of the Empire. The series is expected to premiere on Star Wars Day May 4th later this year, and we have our first trailer.

Check this out:

The series is said to have six different shorts, all focusing on different characters around the time of the Clone Wars and the Original Trilogy.

Barriss Offee was a fan-favorite character from the Prequels whose fate was left uncertain after the end of The Clone Wars, and we’re going to see where her story goes during the rise of the Empire.

Morgan Elsbeth, who was also a main player in The Mandalorian and Ahsoka also gets her backstory fleshed out with Thrawn and a clash with Grievous and the Night Sisters.

With the upcoming series The Acolyte said to be focusing on the blind side of the Jedi, it’s interesting that the Tales series would choose to focus on the villains this time. I don’t expect to be an all-out endorsement of the Dark Side by Disney or Lucasfilm, but what fun is fiction when it can only focus on heroes?

I’m just hoping we get more connections to the Sequel Trilogy moving forward, but it’s possible that the era is still too fragile to touch with Lucasfilm still trying to figure out a good re-entry point.

Star Wars: Tales of the Empire comes to Disney+ on May 4. Tales of the Jedi is now streaming.


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