Magic is Back in New Trailer for HBO’s Winning Time Season 2

Magic is Back in New Trailer for HBO’s Winning Time Season 2

HBO may have given multiple series an axe for the tax break, but one show that managed to get its second season greenlight was Winning Time which chronicles the rise of the Lakers’ basketball dynasty. The first season had teased the clash between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, and now they’re ready to take the spotlight in Season 2.

The show is set to come back next month, and we just got a new trailer. Watch this:

Though the Boston Celtics were considered a secondary threat in the first season, it looks like the rivalry between the Lakers and the Celts—specifically the one between Johnson and Bord—is going to be the central arc of the season.

Of course, we should also expect a lot of drama to happen outside of the court, what with Johnson’s personal life and everyone else involved that makes the Lakers franchise run. It’s also possible we could be seeing more of Bird’s story, as he was touted as the big hurdle for Magic to overcome in the first season. It would only make sense that the show would want to delve on why Bird was the character he was and why he became the rival for Johnson.

We don’t know how long Winning Time wants to run, but it’s definitely one of the more interesting dramas to come to HBO in a while. As far as period biopics go, Winning Time has definitely set a new standard when it comes to quality and execution.

Watch out for the second season of Winning Time when it premieres on Max on Aug. 6.


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