The Man of Steel Returns in New Teaser for My Adventures with Superman

The Man of Steel Returns in New Teaser for My Adventures with Superman

We’ll probably have to wait a few more years before we get to see James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy in theaters, but Adult Swim is gearing up for its own Superman series focusing on Lois Lane with My Adventures with Superman.

Just in, we have our first teaser for the show, and it gives us a look at Superman, Lois, and Jimmy Olsen. Check this out:

Here’s the official description:

Coming this summer to Adult Swim, My Adventures with Superman follows the action-packed, comedic and romantic adventures of Superman and Lois Lane. The series stars Jack Quaid as the voice of Clark Kent, Alice Lee as the voice of Lois Lane, and Ishmael Sahid as the voice of Jimmy Olsen.

Though fans are very familiar with Lois Lane as a brunette with long hair, here she’s given a look that’s identical to that of Luz from Disney’s Owl House. They’ve also changed Jimmy Olsen’s race; he was originally portrayed as a redhead in comics and other versions of the character.

I have to say, I also love their design for Superman. I like seeing the different shades of blue on the suit, and while modern incarnations have tried to get rid of the red briefs, I like how it adds a but more color to the overall look.

We don’t know when we’ll get a full trailer drop, but we could get something around May, close to the premiere on Adult Swim.

No specific release date has been announced for My Adventures with Superman, but the show is expected to debut this summer.


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