The Internet is Outraged at Netflix’s New Anti-Password Sharing Model

The Internet is Outraged at Netflix’s New Anti-Password Sharing Model

While password sharing has helped Netflix grow into the cultural juggernaut it is now, the streaming service has said to be finding a way to put an end to it. Now we have new details on Netflix’s new anti-password sharing model, and a lot of people are not going to like it.

As per The Streamable, Netflix’s new model is now focused on only allowing password sharing within one household, so for every 31 days, an account has to sign in to the home Wi-Fi; if it doesn’t, then the account will be blocked.

As for users who would be travelling, Netflix is allowing them to request a temporary code when signing in, and it will only allow access for seven consecutive days.

While some are worried that their profiles will be lost with the new model, Netflix is also allowing a new feature that will allow you to transfer your watch history and recommendations to another account, should you get your own.

Needless to say, a lot of people are outraged at the change, and are predicting this will lead to the fall of Netflix as the world’s biggest streaming service. Here’s what some people are already saying online:

We don’t know how this will all go down moving forward, but Netflix has been getting a lot of flak even before the password issue. The streaming service had been cancelling some well-beloved shows left and right, and the quality of new content isn’t necessarily that high.

With other large studios like Disney deciding to hoard their own shows for themselves and staring their own streaming services, Netflix looks to be in a desperate corner fighting to stay relevant.


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