Netflix Drops New Poster for Arcane Season 2

Netflix Drops New Poster for Arcane Season 2

Arcane joins the pantheon of great video game adaptations, and a lot of fans have been waiting for the second season for a while. What’s great is, we now have an announcement for the premiere window, and it comes with a new poster of Jinx and Vi.

Check this out:

This actually harkens back to the original poster of the first season which has a young Jinx a.k.a. Powder being held by Violet. Some have even pointed out that the letter’s “J-I-N-X” can be spotted in Powder’s bangs which is a subtle nod to who she’ll become in the show:

We don’t have much details on the story of the second season yet, but we should expect the conflict between  the citizens of Piltover and Zaun to escalate—especially since it was Zaun’s own Jinx that kind of blew up Piltover’s leaders with her ultimate from the game.

With League of Legends having quite the extensive lore, some fans are guessing that we’ll be meeting even more characters from the LoL character roster, and we’ll even get some characters that fans have been speculating were being set up in the first season.

Besides the great character work, there has also been a lot of praise for the overall look of the show, blending the best of 3D and 2D animation. With such a long wait between seasons, fans are hoping that we just have the same quality (if not better) animation with Arcane 2.

Watch out for the second season of Arcane which hits Netflix in November.


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