Could A Namor Solo Project Be in the Works?

Could A Namor Solo Project Be in the Works?

Marvel has admittedly been in a slump since Endgame, but every once in a while they have some homeruns when it comes to certain projects. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was considered a critical hit when it came out back in 2022, and a lot of it was because of antagonist Namor who was played by Tenoch Huerta.

We don’t know when Marvel’s first mutant could appear again, but it’s possible that he could be coming back in the spotlight soon. According to insider Daniel RPK (via @screentime) a solo Namor project is in the works.

It’s not specified whether it would be a TV series or film, but it’s expected that the story will revolve around the same antagonist that MCU fans were introduced to in Wakanda Forever.

In the MCU continuity, Namor doesn’t rule Atlantis, but an underwater city called Talokan. Just like Wakanda, Talokan was also the site of a Vibranium meteor that arrived from space, resulting in advanced technology used by the local Talokanil.

We don’t know what a story about Namor could be, but it’s possible that we could see him reaching out to the surface world, seeing that has spent a huge chunk of the MCU timeline just hiding Talokan. I would have loved there to have been a secret team-up between him Captain America and the original Human Torch since they did make up the anti-Nazi group ‘The Invaders’ in the comics—maybe there’s room to team-up with Sam Wilson’s Cap?

It’s just a pitch.

For now, a Namor solo project has not been officially announced.


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