Ms. Marvel 2 Already in the Works?

Ms. Marvel 2 Already in the Works?

Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan is set to grace the big screen in a couple of months with The Marvels, but Marvel fans can check out her origin in her own Disney+ series Ms. Marvel now streaming on Disney+. With Kamala getting her own world filled with all kinds of characters, fans were wondering if the series was ever going to get a second season, and reports were saying that it would have to depend on the success of The Marvels. Now it seems that we should expect more of Kamala already.

As per @MyTimetoShineH, a second season of Ms. Marvel is already in the works. They confirmed this in a reply to a post asking audiences if they preferred a second season of Ms. Marvel or a solo Kate Bishop series spinoff of Hawkeye:

Nothing official has been confirmed, and the source has been known to miss a couple of scoops from time to time; but based on the fan enthusiasm around Vellani and the overall quality of Ms. Marvel, I wouldn’t be surprised if a second season was in development. After all, the series does confirm that Kamala is the first mutant of the MCU, and they could very much keep pulling on those strings until we have some build up to the X-Men reboot of the MCU.

And don’t even get me started on what Deadpool 3 is planning to do about the mutants being imported over to the main Marvel Studios timeline.

A second season of Ms. Marvel hasn’t been officially announced, but you can catch Kamala Khan geeking out over superheroes in The Marvels when the film comes to theaters on Nov. 10.


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