Madame Web Star Dakota Johnson Hated Being on The Office

Madame Web Star Dakota Johnson Hated Being on The Office

A lot of fans were quick to dismiss the first trailer of Madame Web when it dropped, but for some odd reason, the film’s star Dakota Johnson has been stirring a lot of interest in the movie thanks to her press tour.

Johnson had already sparked interest among fans when she released that seductively charged promo video telling people to watch the film, and now she’s spilling the tea on Late Night with Seth Meyers by revealing that she had a small role in the hit sitcom The Office… and she hated being in it.

“That was honestly the worst time of my life. I loved that show so much, and they were like, ‘do you wanna be in the series finale,’ thinking I would be show up for half a day, and I was there for two weeks—and I’m barely in the f*cking show,” said Johnson.

For context, Johnson played a small role in the Office finale where she played one of the new employees hired by Dwight, and her character basically just walked around doing office things.

Since the show was ending around the time she was shooting it, Johnson talked about how dour everyone’s mood also was. She continues, “They were sad, and there were weird dynamics that had been going on for the last 10 years, some people didn’t speak to each other… and no one wanted to talk to me, nobody gave a f*ck.”

Admittedly, this was before Johnson got her big break with the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, and she was only in minor roles in films like 21 Jump Street and The Five-Year Engagement, but seeing she was already in movies, she could have gotten a more memorable role. Even Jim Carrey was able to make a seconds-long cameo work.

For now Johnson has pretty much rebranded her image from her comedy days, and she is causing absolute chaos with this press tour, also leaving her talent agency recently.

What will Madame Web think of next?

Catch Johnson in theaters when Madame Web releases on Valentine’s Day Feb. 14.


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