Terminator Star Linda Hamilton Joins Stranger Things 5

Terminator Star Linda Hamilton Joins Stranger Things 5

We know that Stranger Things has homages to all-things-80s, and they even went so far as to have a ‘Terminator’ in the third season. Now they’re actually bringing in a star from that franchise—but it isn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As announced at TUDUM 2023, Linda Hamilton a.k.a. the original Sarah Connor, will be joining the cast of Stranger Things 5. Here’s the post:

We don’t have any idea as to who Hamilton will play, but with Dr. Brenner having finally died in the last season, I’m suspecting we could be meeting someone even higher on the Hawkins National Laboratory ladder.

Then again, I’m always eager to be surprised. With Hamilton kind of getting boxed into the “badass, tough lady” role, I would prefer to see her play someone a bit warmer; but then again, this is the last season of the series, and I suspect everything is going to be ramped up into 11 until the whole threat with Vecna and the Upside Down is finally dealt with.

I’ll admit, Stranger Things hasn’t been the perfect show, but each season has always managed to be as compelling as the last. The Duffer Brothers have definitely found a good balance between nostalgia and homage, and though their inspirations are clear, the series still manages to feel fresh and exciting. Of course, we also have to hand it to the amazing cast.

Stranger Things 5 has no release date yet, but fans are expecting a release on Netflix sometime in 2024.


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