Denis Lawson Reprising Wedge Antilles for Star Wars: Visions 2

Denis Lawson Reprising Wedge Antilles for Star Wars: Visions 2

Denis Lawson played fan-favorite pilot Wedge Antilles in Star Wars, and though he only had a brief appearance in The Rise of Skywalker, he’ll be coming back to reprise the character in animated form.

According to Empire, Lawson will be reprising the role of Wedge in the animated Star Wars: Visions Season 2—specifically the episode from stop-motion studio Aardman Animation. The short, I Am Your Mother tells the story of a young Twi’lek girl who finds herself in a starship race with her ‘embarrassing mum’ Kalina.

Apparently, Wedge’s role is that he’ll be the one overseeing the race. Director Magdalena Osinska says about bringing in Wedge:

“We were looking for some kind of idol that Anni would be looking up to… We settled on Wedge Antilles, because he fitted in terms of the Star Wars era. Also, he’s done pretty amazing things in Star Wars, but he wasn’t maybe as recognized [for it].”

Though Luke Skywalker and Han Solo get all of the credit when it comes to space battles in Star Wars Wedge is actually an unsung hero, having fought with the Rebels in the first Death Star, and being integral to the destruction of the second one. He was also a member of Luke’s Rogue Squadron in Empire Strikes Back, taking down AT-ATs.

Wedge may be a side character in the films, but he could be getting a more major role in this upcoming short. Osinska continues, I think he has more lines in our film than the original Star Wars trilogy… We really wanted to give him the limelight he deserved.”

Watch out for Wedge in Star Wars: Visions 2 which comes to Disney+ on May 4.


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