Jokers Joaquin Phoenix and Barry Keoghan Meet at the Golden Globes

Jokers Joaquin Phoenix and Barry Keoghan Meet at the Golden Globes

Everyone is waiting for the resurgence of DC in the next few years, but there is still a lot to love from the material that came out recently. We know that Barry Keoghan’s short guest appearance as the Joker was cut, but he does share this moment he had in the Golden Globes with another Clown Prince of Crime—Joaquin Phoenix.

Keoghan shared on his IG with the caption, “Just havin’ a laugh (clown emoji)”:


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We know that Phoenix was able to fully realize his Joker in the 2019 spinoff movie Joker from Todd Phillips, but Keoghan’s appearance in The Batman was reduced to a small cameo with the Riddler near the end.

Even if it was cut, WB Pictures had allowed the release of a deleted scene which has Robert Pattinson’s Batman coming to an incarcerated Joker looking for a psychological profile on the Riddler a la Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lecter. Check it out here:

The scene was ultimately cut because what the Joker doesn’t really tell Batman anything he didn’t already know, but you have to admit the character work and the mood that was set between the characters was pretty unique.

We don’t know when Keoghan’s Joker will be ready to take the spotlight on the big screen, but there has been a lot of debate on whether the take is great or not. Seeing that people reacted negatively to Heath Ledger’s Joker when he was first announced, I think Keoghan’s Joker has a real opportunity to be a memorable take on the character.

As for Phoenix, Joker: Folie a Deux is set to release Oct. 4.


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