Rian Johnson’s Next Movie is the Another Knives Out Film

Rian Johnson’s Next Movie is the Another Knives Out Film

With Glass Onion having released on Netflix to positive reviews, a lot of fans thought that Johnson would be ready to move on to his Star Wars trilogy with Lucasfilm. Too bad though, because it looks like he’s going to be focusing on Benoit Blanc for a while.

Talking to Empire, Johnson confirmed that his next movie is still a Benoit Blanc film. He explains, “I’m making the next [Benoit Blanc movie] next… because it’s the most exciting thing right now to me. That’s served me really well. I feel like any movie I’m making, I need to be making it because I can’t imagine doing anything else. I’m jumping into the next Benoit Blanc next because I can’t think about another story.”

Johnson has said that he can imagine that these Benoit Blanc capers could go on for a while, especially since Benoit Blanc isn’t the central character in any of them, but he’s mostly a tool to help tell the new, original story.

Admittedly, Johnson has been on a kind of ‘whodunnit’ fix. Besides the Knives Out movies, he’s also working on another murder mystery with Poker Face starring Natasha Lyonne. Despite all these projects, Johnson says he still has a lot of ideas. He continues, “I’ve got a big cloud of ideas, but it hasn’t all snapped into focus yet… It’s exciting, though, and it’s very, very different from this one. That’s what I’m excited about.”

Personally I hoped that he would start updating on his Star Wars project, but seeing the way the internet is, I think he would have to wait at the very last minute to make that announcement. I’m just hoping that we have a lot more cerebral Star Wars projects like Andor by the time his trilogy gets announced.

For now, catch Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery now streaming on Netflix.


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