Jake Johnson Cannot be Alone (Or Else) in Trailer for Self Reliance

Jake Johnson Cannot be Alone (Or Else) in Trailer for Self Reliance

Jake Johnson may be best known for his work on New Girl, but he’s since moved on to other acclaimed projects like Minx and the animated Spider-Verse movies. What’s interesting is, Johnson has done work on his own movie which he wrote and directed, and we have a new trailer for Self Reliance also starring Andy Samberg and Anna Kendrick.

Watch this:

Here’s the official premise as well:

Tommy receives an invitation to win $1 million by playing a game where he must outwit hunters attempting to kill him. He realizes the hunters can only attack him when he’s alone, but none of his friends and family believe the game is real.

While the trailer does start feeling like some kind of watered down John Wick, it does feel like the game does have some kind of rom-com element the moment Anna Kendrick’s character is introduced. We don’t exactly know what the film is going for yet, but it does look like a meditation on loneliness and how it can literally get you killed.

Either way, the film has been receiving some praise from critics, which should be good for Johnson and his directorial debut. After having such minor roles in other projects, it’s going to be interesting to see him actually work in the director’s chair.

Personally, his small guest role in Mythic Quest is still one of his best performances.

Self Reliance comes out on Hulu this coming Jan. 12.


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