Johnny Cage Gets a Jean-Claude Van Damme Skin for Mortal Kombat 1

Johnny Cage Gets a Jean-Claude Van Damme Skin for Mortal Kombat 1

Any Mortal Kombat fan that did their research on the earlier games knows that the game was originally conceived to be a Jean-Claude Van Damme game based on his hit film Bloodsport, but they didn’t get the rights, and the Van Damme character was reworked into Johnny Cage.

With the release of the rebooted timeline soon, NetherRealm Studios has revealed their alternate skin for Johnny Cage that looks and sounds like Jean-Claude Van Damme from Bloodsport of all movies. Check out the reveal:

Essentially, Van Damme’s model has all of Johnny’s moves and fatalities, but he does have a different voice, and he has the face of Van Damme during his prime box office days.

In a way, bringing Van Damme into the game kind of makes MK go full circle after thirty years, finally booking the action star after so long. If anything, it was kind of great that Van Damme refused; because if he didn’t, we would’ve gotten Jean-Claude Van Damme: The Game instead of the 90s icons that are the Mortal Kombat roster.

I’m just crossing my fingers they have an alternate skin of Van Damme as Guile in the Street Fighter movie. Sonic Boom!

It’s In Our Blood. Discover a reborn Mortal Kombat Universe created by Fire God Liu Kang. Mortal Kombat 1 ushers in a new era of the iconic franchise with a new fighting system, game modes, and Fatalities!

Watch out for Mortal Kombat 1 when it launches on Sept. 19 for Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.


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