James Gunn Teases Prep for His Superman Reboot

James Gunn Teases Prep for His Superman Reboot

James Gunn may be ending his Marvel run with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 later this year, but the new head of DC is also gearing up to reboot Superman for the big screen.

Just in, Gunn teased his Superman prep by revealing that he’s reading All-Star Superman from Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, and Jamie Grant. Here’s Gunn’s post:

All-Star Superman had come out back in 2005 and is regarded as one of the best stories featuring the Man of Steel. In the book, Superman is left with only one year to live after Lex Luthor tricks him into going into the Sun. which caused him to absorb too much power; rendering his cells unstable.

Seeing that Gunn wanted his next Superman film to be a new start for Clark Kent, I doubt he’s going to have Superman dealing with one year left to live in the film. If anything, I think Gunn’s new movie should establish all the characters that surround Clark’s world, particularly the staff of the Daily Planet including Perry White, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen.

As someone who was really rooting for Cavill all these years, I am honestly disappointed that Gunn decided to reboot everything, but I guess it was the only way to really allow for a clean slate of stories for the DCEU. I just don’t like the feeling that we have to wait another ten years for the next DC team-up.

No release date has been set for Gunn’s Superman project, but hopefully we get an announcement soon.


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