Jacob Romero Talks Season 2 of One Piece as Truthfully as Usopp Can

Jacob Romero Talks Season 2 of One Piece as Truthfully as Usopp Can

The live-action One Piece was a big swing for Netflix, and the series has managed to pay off. Now Season 2 is in the works, and we have a new promo video of Jacob Romero (Usopp) giving us the details (or lack thereof) of the upcoming second season.

Watch this:

APRIL FOOLS! Jacob Romero, Usopp from Netflix’s One Piece and master prankster, wanted to give you a look inside One Piece season 2. Guess we’ll just have to wait and sea (get it?). You can watch all episodes of One Piece, only on Netflix.

Though Romero wasn’t allowed to reveal anything official, it does look like the video does confirm some of the things we can expect with the second season. With the first season being a compressed version of the East Blue Saga, we should expect the second season to cover the Arabasta Saga which has Luffy and his crew coming to a fantastical desert.

Oddly enough, the arc has a lot of story elements that are pretty much like Frank Herbert’s Dune. The desert is filled with all kinds of huge sand monsters (like the sand worms), and a drug called Dance Powder (like the Spice Melange) becomes a central thing that moves the story. It’s also worth noting that water is scarce  and it’s the Dance Powder helps bring artificial rain.

Until we get a trailer, all we can really do is wait, but hopefully Netflix will reveal something by June.

Season 2 of One Piece still has no release date, but you can catch the full first season now streaming on Netflix.


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