Iron Man 2 Villain Allegedly Returning for Armor Wars

Iron Man 2 Villain Allegedly Returning for Armor Wars

Iron Man 2 may not be the most celebrated Marvel movie, but it still had its moments; and Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer is considered to be a standout antagonist. It’s been half a decade since Hammer had shown up on the big screen of any MCU project, but rumor has it he could be making a return.

According to insider Daniel Richtman (via ComicBookMovie), Rockwell is currently in talks to reprise Justin Hammer for the upcoming series-turned-movie Armor Wars. There aren’t any details besides Rockwell being in talks, but his return does make a lot of sense, seeing that Hammer was trying his best to create Iron Man armor alternatives—plus he was the person who modded the first War Machine suit for Rhodey.

Marvel’s What If…? fans also know that Rockwell just recently reprised the role of Justin Hammer this year; playing a variant of Hammer that takes over Avengers tower during Christmastime. It was just a voice role, but the writers still had fun with the character, what with his theatrical flair, dancing and making quips.

If anything, we should take the news of Rockwell’s return with a grain of salt, but with Marvel currently looking back at their more unique villains, Justin Hammer was definitely one of the more memorable ones. Let’s just hope that the appearance on What If leads to more things down the line. Would it be so hard to have Hammer be the Q of the Thunderbolts team?

Armor Wars is allegedly eyeing a release sometime in 2026 but has no official release date.


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