Seth Rogen and Steven Yeun Star in Invincible Season 2 Update

Seth Rogen and Steven Yeun Star in Invincible Season 2 Update

Robert Kirkman’s Invincible premiered on Amazon Prime Video back in 2021, and since it’s been more than a year since its release, fans are wondering when we’re going to be seeing Mark Grayson back in the skies.

Thanks to Amazon, we have a new teaser, and it features the return of Allen the Alien (Seth Rogen) with some meta update from Steven Yeun reprising Invincible. Check this out:

Welcome to Burger Mart! Enjoy a hot meal along with an update on Season 2 of INVINCIBLE. Featuring Steven Yeun as the voice of Invincible and Seth Rogen as the voice of Allen The Alien.

The first season had ended with the shocking reveal that Mark’s dad, Omni-Man, was actually an alien working toward the domination of Earth, and he ends up killing hundreds in his climactic battle with Mark.

Though the finale did have Omni-Man thinking about his family for once, I think the second season could do without him for a while. Then again, I wouldn’t expect him to be absent for the entire season, seeing that his relationship with Mark is also what kind of makes the series interesting. I’m just curious what kind of story we should expect for the next season; hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for a proper teaser.

No specific release date has been announced for invincible Season 2, but you can watch out for the premiere on Amazon Prime Video sometime later this year. In the meantime, you can check out the complete first season now streaming.


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