Green or Black: House of the Dragon Drops Two Trailers

Green or Black: House of the Dragon Drops Two Trailers

House of the Dragon ended with the war just beginning, and now two years later we’re going to see the continuation of what is dubbed in-canon as The Dance of Dragons.

House of the Dragon is set to return this June, and we have two new trailers dropped, each focusing on different sides of the Targaryen Civil War—Black and Green. Watch this:

Unlike Game of Thrones which had to come up with its own ending because there was a lack of source material, House of the Dragon has a completed story in the lore, so a lot of fans are hopeful that we get a concise ending.

Even if the story is completed though, the series has been taking some liberties. In the books, Viserys Targaryen was more of a forgettable character, but the series actually gave hime a very meaningful arc, which made his death all the more devastating.

We don’t know what else the show could change, but so far, the series has managed to ignite excitement in the GoT fandom again; especially after the disappointment with the finale that a good chunk of fans cannot seem to shut up about.

Hopefully the showrunners of House of the Dragon have a good enough sense to condense the story without overstretching episodes or making some questionable character decisions. I don’t think the fandom can take another hit like GoT Season 8.

The second season of House of the Dragon comes to Max on June 16.


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