Euphoria 3 Allegedly Moving Out of High School; Production Put on Hold

Euphoria 3 Allegedly Moving Out of High School; Production Put on Hold

Very few shows manage to make their mark in pop-culture, and Sam Levinson’s Euphoria managed to become a huge draw for HBO. A lot of fans have been waiting years for the next season, and it looks like they’ll have to wait longer.

As per Deadline, the show was supposed to start shooting again later this year, but production has now been put on hold, and all the actors who worked on the project have been encouraged to pursue other work.

According to The Wrap, the reason for the delay is said to be the change in setting. With the first two seasons covering everyone’s drama in high school, the next season is said to be bringing everyone out of their teen years well into early adulthood. We don’t know exactly what that means for the show, but it’s understood that some cast members may not be expected to return, and we would only be focusing on some select fan favorites.

Admittedly, showrunner Sam Levinson has not been portrayed in the best light in the recent years after the premiere of the second season. There have been reports of trouble brewing on the set of the series, and it was also said that he had some very problematic behaviour with his other show The Idol. The only reason he’s managed to stay so long, allegedly, is because of the popularity of Euphoria and HBO’s desire for Levinson to make another season.

Admittedly, several stars from the show like Sydney Sweeney, Jacob Elordi, and Zendaya have managed to explode and work on bigger projects since Euphoria, and it’s possible that it could be harder for HBO to keep them on moving forward.

I mean, it’s a very artsy and entertaining drama, but the way things are looking, some fans are convinced this could be the end of the series.

The first seasons of Euphoria are now streaming on Max.


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