Peter Gould Shares Look at Draft for Pilot of Better Call Saul

Peter Gould Shares Look at Draft for Pilot of Better Call Saul

A lot of fans didn’t think that Better Call Saul was a good idea at first, but the series has managed to become the golden standard for television spinoffs. Though Vince Gilligan has closed the book on his ‘Methverse’ BCS showrunner Peter Gould shared a cool piece of memorabilia for the series.

Here’s one of the early outlines of the pilot for Better Call Saul:

We don’t know how much has changed before they started shooting, but fans know that by the time the series starts, Saul’s name is Gene, not ‘Keith’. It also looks like the intro was supposed to be artsier than what we got. Nevertheless, everything pretty much starts out the same, with Gene in the Cinnabon, and him briefly getting scared of someone he thinks is out to get him.

I think what’s also great about the outline is that it pretty much explains to us where Gene’s headspace is at. It always seemed like Saul Goodman was happy to be who he was, but the outline points out that being in the Cinnabon is ‘purgatory’ for someone like him.

You have to admit, though Gene’s arc was slowly told throughout the course of the show, everything was all tied up in a neat little bow by the end, with Jimmy and Kim finding some way to reconcile with each other.

I also love the subversion of the intro in the final season when it’s in full color and we get to see Saul Goodman’s ridiculously lavish mansion.

For now, catch Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul on AMC.


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