Fly to Neverland in New Trailer for Peter Pan & Wendy

Fly to Neverland in New Trailer for Peter Pan & Wendy

The last few attempts at a live-action Peter Pan movie haven’t been so successful, but Disney+ is willing to try adapting their own animated version of the flying boy with Peter Pan & Wendy.

The movie is set to release on Disney+ this April, and we have a new trailer showcasing the newest trip to Neverland. Check this out:

Here’s the official description:

“Peter Pan & Wendy” introduces Wendy Darling, a young girl afraid to leave her childhood home behind, who meets Peter Pan, a boy who refuses to grow up. Alongside her brothers and a tiny fairy, Tinker Bell, she travels with Peter to the magical world of Neverland. There, she encounters an evil pirate captain, Captain Hook, and embarks on a thrilling and dangerous adventure that will change her life forever.

While the main cast of kids is played by new faces, the cast of adults includes the likes of Jude Law (Captain Hook), Jim Gaffigan (Mr. Smee), Alan Tudyk, and Molly Parker (Mr. and Mrs. Darling).

What’s probably the weirdest hook for this movie is that it’s being directed by David Lowery who has been known for his more artsy films like Ghost Story and The Green Knight. We don’t know what he’s doing directing a children’s adventure movie, but he did make Pete’s Dragon for Disney, so maybe this will be a kind of return to form for him.

Catch Peter Pan & Wendy when it comes to Disney+ on April 28.


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