Disney Announces Moana 2 for November

Disney Announces Moana 2 for November

Disney animated Moana was a hit when it came out back in 2016, and almost a decade later, Disney is now ready to deliver a sequel. What’s crazy is, they’re actually set to release it later this year.

Here’s our first look at Moana 2:

We don’t know what the story could be about yet, but we should expect Moana and Maui to come back and go on another mystical adventure.

In the first movie, we saw Moana take over her tribe and finally have them exploring outside of their island, as they were originally explorers. We should expect the sequel to expand on that concept; but since we’re expecting some kind of conflict, it’s possible that opening up the world to her people could lead to some consequences that Moana should be expecting.

It’s also worth noting that Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote music for the original movie, is said not to be returning for the sequel.

It’s said that this sequel was originally conceptualized as a series, but with Bob Iger taking over again, it’s possible that he saw the success of the Moana property and decided that it would probably draw in an audience in the movie theaters.

With Disney also gearing up for a live-action adaptation of Moana with Dwayne Johnson, it would make sense for the studio to keep audiences updated on Moana’s world and lore, just to keep everyone excited about its mystical pacific islander influence.

Moana 2 is set to release in theaters in November.


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