Delicious in Dungeon Gives Look at Cour 2

Delicious in Dungeon Gives Look at Cour 2

Anime had recently been filled with isekai storylines with IPs like Mushoki Tensei and KoNoSuBa, but there has been a recent rise in some straight up fantasy like Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. One other property that’s been getting some buzz is Delicious in Dungeon or Dungeon Meshi, and with the anime set to close its most recent arc, we have a new trailer that will give us a look at what’s been dubbed as ‘Cour 2’.

Check this out:

Here’s the official description translated:

Laios is an adventurer who rescued his sister Falin from the Red Dragon. Suddenly, they are attacked by the “mad magician” who is the master of the labyrinth. The celebration of reopening was short-lived, but his sister disappeared once again in the depths of the dungeon…

The group that resuscitated her sister despite violating taboos was condemned. In a critical situation where he is on the verge of losing his friends, Raios makes a decision. “I will defeat the “Frenzy Magician” and rescue Farin without fail!”

 Cockatrice, harpy, and griffin! Aim to pass through the dungeon while eating the attacking monsters, adventurer!

Besides the trailer, Studio Trigger has also dropped a new key visual that features all the new incoming characters. Check this out:

Though the first cour of the anime had only 13 episodes, it’s said that Dungeon Meshi is expected to run for a total of 24. With the first season covering several arcs from the original manga, I’m just crossing my fingers that they’ll be able to adapt the whole story for the anime.

Manga-readers have been warning anime fans online though. The first parts of the show may have seemed friendly enough, but ever since the clash with the Red Dragon, we should expect things to take a darker turn moving forward.

The second cour of Delicious in Dungeon starts streaming this week.


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