Deadpool & Wolverine Promo Art Reveals Deadpool Corps and Wolvy Cowl

Deadpool & Wolverine Promo Art Reveals Deadpool Corps and Wolvy Cowl

Marketing has been very sparse for Deadpool and Wolverine, but some promo images have been leaking online giving us a look at what more to expect from the movie.

Just in, some merch has come out revealing the members of the Deadpool Corps.—several variants of Deadpool from across the Multiverse including Dogpool, Headpool, Kidpool, and Babypool (albeit some glare is blocking him). We also get a better look at Wolverine’s classic cowl complete with the white eyes. Check this out:

Based on what we know from the trailer, Deadpool will be hired by the Time Variance Authority (TVA) for some kind of mission. We don’t know exactly what they want him to do—or how Wolverine factors into this—but we are expecting a nostalgic romp of everything Marvel pre-MCU including characters from the original X-Men films as well as the spinoffs like Daredevil, Elektra, and Fantastic Four.

You think there’s room for Nic Cage’s Ghost Rider in this film?

With a release set for July, we may have to wait t abit more until we get a new trailer. With promos usually being released 4 months and 2 months before, it’s possible we could get a full official trailer with Hugh Jackman and the Deadpool Corps. Sometime before the month ends.

Admittedly, the MCU is not riding as high as it was before, but hopefully Deadpool & Wolverine will manage to bring the hype back to this franchise.

Catch Deadpool & Wolverine when they cut their way into theaters on July 26.


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