Julian Dennison and More Join Cast of Live-Action How to Train Your Dragon

Julian Dennison and More Join Cast of Live-Action How to Train Your Dragon

The live-action How to Train Your Dragon movie is going into production, and a lot of fans are excited to see a retelling of Hiccup and Toothless’ adventure. The main cast has been announced for a while now, but the film has just revealed more supporting characters that have been added to the roster.

According to Variety, the film has added Julian Dennison (Hunt for the Wilderpeople), Gabriel Howell (Bodies, Nightsleeper), Bronwyn James (Masters of Air, Wicked), and Harry Trevaldwyn (The Bubble) to the cast. They will play the rest of Hiccup’s peers who also find their own dragons to train.

Dennison will play Fishlegs, Howell will play Snotlout, and James and Trevaldwyn will be the twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut. In the original animated film, the roles were played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Fishlegs), Jonah Hill (Snotlout), Kirsten Wiig (Ruffnut), and T.J. Miller (Tuffnut).

Before the announce of thee cast members, we know that the How to Train Your Dragon live-action movie already hired Nick Frost as Gobber and Gerard Butler as Stoick; the main duo of Hiccup and Astrid will be played by Mason Thames (The Black Phone) and Nico Parker (The Last of Us).

Though production is currently ongoing, we have yet to get an official look at any of the cast of the costumes. We don’t even know what a live-action Toothless is going to look like. With the way the dragons looks so cartoonish in the original animation, I’m wondering if they’re going to go a more realistic route with this adaptation.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

How to Train Your Dragon is set to come out June 13, 2025.


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