Avatar Reveals New Look at Fire Lord Sozin’s Sister, Zeisan

Avatar Reveals New Look at Fire Lord Sozin’s Sister, Zeisan

Avatar Studios is currently hard at work with new series and an incoming movie, but we’ll have to wait until 2025 before we see anything. What’s interesting is, we have a new look at a character that was introduced in the Avatar roleplaying game, and it’s possible that she could be showing up in a future project.

Here’s a look at Princess Zeisan, the sister of Fire Lord Sozin:

Though we never see Zeisan in the series, the RPG reveals that she was a rival to her brother Sozin (not unlike Azula to Zuko). Though Zeisan wasn’t a bender, she was adept in chi-blocking; she also has a love for the teachings of the air nomads and even got engaged to one.

it’s also worth noting that she is a bisexual character, having a female lover before she decided to get engaged to an Air Monk. I guess having her adapting the Air Nomad culture is supposed to add more fuel to the fire with her brother Sozin, since it was him that pulled off the Air Nomad genocide with Sozin’s Comet.

We don’t know how frequent these Avatar reveals are going to be, but it certainly is interesting to see the world get more fleshed out. For all the popularity that A Song of Ice and Fire has, it’s interesting to watch a fantasy IP get more characters and lore as extensive as The Last Airbender’s.

Catch the incoming Avatar properties when they release sometime in 2025.


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